Callipygian in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Callipygian

having attractive or shapely buttocks

Examples of Callipygian in a sentence

When it comes to physical attractiveness, many people prefer someone callipygian, rather than someone with too much flab on their rears. 🔊

If you ever look at the statue of David or a replica of it in a museum, too much observation may reveal that his buttocks are quite callipygian. 🔊

Someone with callipygian features likely has sculpted or at least well-toned buttocks, hinting at a daily workout they may perform. 🔊

I like to think of myself as callipygian, but in reality I’m fairly certain my buttocks are no more special or toned than anyone else’s is. 🔊

If I said someone was callipygian, they probably wouldn’t know that I’m complimenting the shapeliness of their rear, and that may be a good thing. 🔊

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