Ceasefire in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Ceasefire

an agreement between two warring factions to stop fighting

Examples of Ceasefire in a sentence

When it was obvious they he had no chance to win World War Two, the Nazis agreed to a ceasefire, ending the war on the European front.  🔊

My rival and I agreed to a ceasefire, cutting our fight short so we could team up and fight our newest enemy together.  🔊

Because neither country was winning the war and they were both losing too many people, they agreed to a ceasefire to end the fighting.  🔊

During World War One, the Axis and Allied powers agreed to a ceasefire on December Twenty Fifth, so no one would have to fight on Christmas.  🔊

The two rival factions finally called for a ceasefire when they realized their conflict was causing more harm to both of them than good.  🔊

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