Turtleneck in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Turtleneck

a sweater or shirt with a high turned over collar

Examples of Turtleneck in a sentence

This turtleneck sweater is my favorite for cold days because it keeps my neck warm and covered no matter what the temperature is. 🔊

Maybe the reason secret agents like to wear a turtleneck is because they can hide gadgets in the high collar around their neck? 🔊

Then again, maybe the reason secret agents wear a turtleneck is because the high, turned over collar is just snazzy and stylish. 🔊

Many people do not like to wear a turtleneck because the high and tight collar makes them feel like they cannot breathe. 🔊

I personally hate my turtleneck sweater because the high collar is so tight around my neck that it makes it all itchy and irritating. 🔊

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