Checks and balances in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Checks and balances

a controlled system in the three government branches where each branch has some rights to change or stop the actions of another branch

Examples of Checks and balances in a sentence

Even though the president of the United States is the actual leader of the military, he can’t declare war on another country due to the system of checks and balances.  🔊

When the legislative branch introduced a bill to Congress, checks and balances allowed the president to veto the bill even if all of Congress accepted it.  🔊

So no one in the family would overspend, a system of checks and balances prohibited anyone in the family to buy a high-priced item without getting at least two other members’ approval.  🔊

The club treasurer could only spend money by approval from the president or vice-president through their checks and balances, but the president had to get the treasurer’s permission for certain actions.  🔊

Each company’s department had rights to take actions, but they also had to adhere to the rules of the checks and balances which meant other departments could stop or change that action.  🔊

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