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Definition of Chisel

a long-bladed hand tool that is struck with a hammer to cut or shape hard materials

Examples of Chisel in a sentence

Ancient sculptors used a hammer and a chisel to shape the blocks of stones that they wished to turn into statues.  🔊

A chisel is basically a long, flat blade that is hammered into a solid material to precisely break parts of it away.  🔊

Today there are special tools like lasers and saws that can be used to shape stone and ice, but in the past you had to rely on hand tools like a chisel to do such a thing.  🔊

A chisel is a bladed tool with a handle that is hammered into a solid material like stone or ice to break off pieces of it.  🔊

You can use a chisel on ice, but it is very difficult to be precise and clean with such a tool on a material as fragile as ice.  🔊

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