Cleans in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Cleans

a term used to describe the process of removing dirt, dust, and other debris from a surface

Examples of Cleans in a sentence

John cleans the kitchen every evening before going to bed.  🔊

Samantha cleans her room every weekend to avoid clutter.  🔊

The housekeeper cleans the office building from top to bottom every night.  🔊

I clean the gutters on my roof twice a year to prevent clogs.  🔊

Maria cleans her car every week to keep it in good condition.  🔊

We clean the house thoroughly before hosting a party.  🔊

Alex cleans the bathroom regularly to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.  🔊

The company provides professional cleaning services for houses, offices, and commercial properties.  🔊

The environmental group organizes beach cleanups to remove trash and debris from the shoreline.  🔊

The recovering addict attends regular support group meetings and cleans his living space as part of his recovery program.  🔊

Mary cleans the house every Saturday morning without fail.  🔊

Tom cleans the windows once a month to keep them shining and streak-free.  🔊

Sarah cleans her car every week to keep it looking like new.  🔊

Emily cleans her makeup brushes regularly to prevent bacteria from building up.  🔊

John cleans the gutters twice a year to prevent clogs and water damage to the house.  🔊

Lucy cleans her teeth twice a day to maintain good oral hygiene.  🔊

David cleans his glasses with a special cloth to avoid scratches.  🔊

Samantha cleans the kitchen counters after every meal to prevent the buildup of germs and bacteria.  🔊

Emily cleans the floors with a special solution to keep them looking shiny and new.  🔊

John cleans his room every day to keep it organized and clutter-free.  🔊

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