Deduce in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Deduce

to form a conclusion using logical reasoning

Examples of Deduce in a sentence

By counting backwards, the clerk was able to deduce the correct change to give back to the customer.  🔊

As soon as the police saw the planted evidence, they were able to deduce the homeowner had faked the robbery.  🔊

It was easy to deduce the children’s hiding location from the muddy footprints they left behind.  🔊

In the classic game, players use clues to deduce the killer’s name, the weapon used, and the scene of the crime.  🔊

Frank used a symbol translator to help him deduce the message.  🔊

From the lab results, the doctors were able to deduce the medicine’s effectiveness.  🔊

The purpose of the experiment is to create a controlled environment so the scientists can deduce how the animals mate.  🔊

By looking at the shapes of other planets, scientists can deduce how the Earth got its form.  🔊

With over twenty suspects, the detective knew it would be difficult to deduce the thief’s identity.  🔊

After measuring the sofa, Jane was able to deduce the piece of furniture would not fit through her front door.  🔊

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