Communal in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Communal

used to describe something that is shared by or available to all members of a specific community

Examples of Communal in a sentence

1. The communal pool at the community center is open to everyone that lives in the neighborhood. 🔉

2. There is a communal shelter in town that is open to any member of the community that may need its services. 🔉

3. In America, communal property is very rare because few people want their property to be available to everyone in the community. 🔉

4. In third world countries, many villages are communal in nature, sharing everything with everyone for the good of the whole community. 🔉

5. There is going to be a communal service at church today that is open to everyone in town, though it is unlikely that so many people will show. 🔉

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