Punctilio in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Punctilio

a fine point in exactness of conduct, ceremony or procedure. Strictness in observance of formalities

Examples of Punctilio in a sentence

Without fail, the punctilio required during each of Ms. Layman’s garden parties was for the attendees to raise their glasses and give a cheer to the patron saint of married women.  🔊

The punctilio at the school’s annual awards day ceremony always called for the students to march into the gymnasium like little soldiers at the beginning of the ceremony.  🔊

The old southern lady ordered her tea time to be at precisely 4 o’clock every afternoon, and it meant a punctilio of setting the teapot on the table first before the rest of the tea set was a strict requirement.  🔊

Gentlemen in olden days each had a punctilio during their morning dressing of putting their black top hat on last before leaving their residence.  🔊

Since the club had a strict code of conduct, the punctilio of reading the minutes seemed pointless due to the few trivial events that took place.  🔊

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