Commute in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Commute

to travel a considerable distance between home and work on a regular basis

Examples of Commute in a sentence

Because my place of work is so far away, I have to commute for over an hour every single day to make it to work and back home again.  🔊

The extremely long commute for my first job is the reason I decided to switch jobs, and thankfully it only takes fifteen minutes to get to work now.  🔊

If it takes more than thirty minutes for you to get to work, you could say that you have a reasonably long commute.  🔊

The reason many people choose jobs that are closer to them rather than far away is because they do not want a long commute to get to and from work.  🔊

I used to have an hour long commute to get to work, but after I moved to a new apartment it is only fifteen minutes away.  🔊

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