Compaction in a Sentence  ðŸ”‰

Definition of Compaction

the process of making more compact or densely packed together

Examples of Compaction in a sentence

1. The soil that was added to the planter had to be light so that compaction wouldn’t occur and crush the roots. ðŸ”‰

2. Yelling at the children in an angry town, the grandmother tried to explain that stepping in her flowerbed caused compaction of the soil and could harm the flowers. ðŸ”‰

3. Vertical mulching is used by gardeners to stop compaction of dirt and make sure that plant roots do not become trapped in densely packed soil. ðŸ”‰

4. A meteorite hit the plant, the impact causing instant compaction and flattening of the area into a larger crater. ðŸ”‰

5. Lawn mowers can cause compaction, making the dirt in the yards they mow become too solid or compressed. ðŸ”‰

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