Detract in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Detract

to cause something to appear less attractive

Examples of Detract in a sentence

More than likely the poor traffic will detract from the enjoyment of our road trip. 🔊

Even the clouds could not detract from the joy the bride and groom felt during their outdoor wedding. 🔊

While Kurt thinks his glasses detract from his appearance, I think he looks very handsome in his spectacles. 🔊

Sharon’s dirty clothes do not detract from her gorgeous appearance. 🔊

According to the pleased CEO of Apple Computers, the high price of their latest smartphone did not detract from sales. 🔊

The motivational speaker encouraged the audience to not let others detract from their joy. 🔊

When preparing a presentation, remember to not detract from your speech by adding an excessive number of visual objects. 🔊

The shadows in the photograph detract from Sharon’s image. 🔊

Does the school’s focus on teaching for the test detract from a student’s need to pursue his own academic interests? 🔊

Crying babies always detract from the movie experience. 🔊

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