Allay in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Allay

to make quiet or calm

Examples of Allay in a sentence

A good teacher will work hard to allay the concerns of a new student.  🔊

Last night, I spent over an hour trying to allay my daughter’s fears about the boogieman.  🔊

Jim hoped a doctor’s diagnosis would allay his worry about the rash on his arm.  🔊

Even though the president has apologized for his lack of action during the crisis, his statement has done nothing to allay public anger.  🔊

The man’s solid alibi helped to allay the detective’s suspicions about him.  🔊

Hopefully, the company’s soaring stock price will allay the concerns of nervous stockholders.  🔊

By praying night and day, the people hoped to allay the anger of the gods.  🔊

Walter tried to allay his wife’s concerns about sending their daughter to an out-of-state college by pointing out the short travel distance by plane.  🔊

After the terrorist attack, the president made a speech to try and allay the nation’s fears.  🔊

The manager’s offer of a free meal did nothing to allay my anger towards the rude waitress.  🔊

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