Compatriot in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Compatriot

somebody from one's own country

Examples of Compatriot in a sentence

All Sally had to do was beat out one more compatriot to win the official title of “Miss China”.  🔊

It put Juan at ease to be sitting next to a fellow compatriot on the plane trip from Spain to the United States.  🔊

One of the most beautiful things about the Olympics, Karen thought, was carrying the flag with her fellow compatriot during the opening ceremony.  🔊

Mark was flabbergasted when during his trip to a small, third world country, he ran into a compatriot while shopping at the local market.  🔊

Stacey was very upset that she wouldn’t get to travel to a different country when her compatriot beat her in the tennis finals.  🔊

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