Purveyor in a Sentence  ðŸ”Š

Definition of Purveyor

an individual who provides supplies for others, often food

Examples of Purveyor in a sentence

Even during times of war rationing, the purveyor was able to find coffee and sugar for the wealthy families.  ðŸ”Š

The weapons purveyor is wanted in several countries for providing radicals with bombs.  ðŸ”Š

When we asked the wine purveyor about his best bottles, he mentioned a bottle of champagne that cost over thirty thousand dollars.  ðŸ”Š

The House of Wythe is the official purveyor of linens to the royal family.  ðŸ”Š

After the trial, the jury must decide if the suspect is a purveyor of illegal guns.  ðŸ”Š

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