Doppleganger in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Doppleganger

a stranger (and not a related person) who looks or resembles another person

Examples of Doppleganger in a sentence

Surprised by the doppleganger who was looking back at me from the other side of the window, I first thought I was staring at my reflection. đź”Š

After meeting her doppleganger in Italy, people couldn’t really tell the two girls apart by their appearances. đź”Š

When the movie needed a face double for the main actor, none of the actor’s family members looked as close to his appearance as his doppleganger. đź”Š

Thinking the woman was her friend’s twin, the doppleganger simply turned out to be a stranger with a similar appearance.  đź”Š

Ever since seeing her daughter’s doppleganger at school, it became apparent to the mother that teachers probably couldn’t tell them apart.  đź”Š

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