Concision in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Concision

the process of cutting out unnecessary words when relaying a thought or idea

Examples of Concision in a sentence

Many professors urge students to practice concision, because academic papers needs to get to the point and not beat around the bush. 🔊

Realizing that his essay was twice as long as it needed to be, Aidan had to employ concision and cut out everything irrelevant to the main point. 🔊

Concision is very important in business, since time is money and you need to keep the attention of people you are trying to make a profit off of. 🔊

In academia, concision is preferable to flowery language, and you shouldn’t mince words when explaining your ideas.  🔊

Concision is highly recommended when writing papers, as your teacher will often be able to tell if you added words just to fill space.  🔊

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