Pilfer in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Pilfer

to take illegally in small amounts

Examples of Pilfer in a sentence

1. The maid hoped she could pilfer her wealthy employer’s jewelry bit by bit so the thievery would go unnoticed. 🔉

2. At night, the hungry orphan would sneak into the kitchen and pilfer tiny amounts of food. 🔉

3. The inmates often pilfer utensils from the kitchen to make weapons. 🔉

4. As I read the novel, I realized the author’s story was simply a mesh of plots he had chosen to pilfer from other writers. 🔉

5. The plan is to pilfer one or two diamonds at a time so the mine supervisor will not notice a decrease in the bucket weight. 🔉

6. On the crowded sidewalk, it was easy for the pickpocket to pilfer the tourists' wallets.  🔉

7. Every night, the drug-addicted nurse would pilfer drugs from the pharmacy. 🔉

8. Because the cook did not feel he was paid enough, he would often pilfer food supplies from the restaurant and take them home. 🔉

9. To avoid being caught, the teenage boy would only pilfer small amounts of cash from his mother’s purse. 🔉

10. The software program will allow us to slowly pilfer information from our competitor’s computer. 🔉

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