Condone in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Condone

to accept and allow

Examples of Condone in a sentence

We will not condone disorderly conduct at church. 🔊

While we condone free speech, we do not condone slander. 🔊

Good police officers will not condone speeding. 🔊

To condone your recent absences from my class, I will need a written note from your parent or guardian. 🔊

The boss will condone your flashy outfit today given that you never wear it to work again. 🔊

I cannot condone crude remarks against my parents. 🔊

Children will think it is acceptable to call other people names if parents condone this behavior. 🔊

What right-minded person would condone an act of abuse? 🔊

There is no way that my mother will condone me to stay awake past midnight. 🔊

Only a moron would condone cheating in the classroom! 🔊

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