Overlook in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Overlook

to supervise and direct

Examples of Overlook in a sentence

When the young man got hired at the restaurant, the manager would overlook the new employee’s work to make sure he was doing his job correctly.  🔊

At the garage sale, the young girl was told to overlook the money box so that no one could take it if her mother was helping other customers.  🔊

As the head server, she had to wait tables as well as overlook the responsibilities of her staff since she was accountable for the rookie servers.  🔊

Ben had to overlook the complaint department at the customer service counter which meant he had to solve all of the problems by the customers.  🔊

Since Tiffany was put in charge of her younger siblings, she must overlook their activities so they don’t get hurt.  🔊

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