Arduous in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Arduous

demanding great effort or labor; difficult

Examples of Arduous in a sentence

Last semester was a piece of cake, but taking seven classes along with an internship this semester is going to be arduous!  🔊

Playing the piano may seem arduous at first, but it gets easier with practice.  🔊

Driving a school bus is much more arduous than driving my own car.  🔊

Needless to say, mastering a foreign language is an arduous challenge.  🔊

Reading and understanding John Milton's writing is not easy - it's arduous!  🔊

One of the most arduous questions to answer is, "Where did we all come from?"  🔊

Job seekers with a criminal record will have an arduous time obtaining a job.  🔊

With arduous practice, you will get better at cooking.  🔊

It is arduous for me to hear people on the telephone with you screaming!  🔊

Walking 3 miles is easy, but running 3 miles without stopping is an arduous feat.  🔊

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