Confess in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Confess

to admit that you are at fault or have committed some wrongdoing

Examples of Confess in a sentence

Many people go to a priest to confess the things that are wracking them with guilt, and by doing so alleviate themselves from that guilt.  🔊

If you have wronged someone, it is up to you to confess what you have done and earn their forgiveness.  🔊

A liar will rarely confess about the many deceptions they have told, but they almost always come to light eventually.  🔊

Rather than hide the truth about the things you have done, you should confess them, as honesty is more likely to earn leniency and forgiveness.  🔊

There is no special person to really confess your wrongs to, save the person you have wronged in the first place.  🔊

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