Mouthful in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Mouthful

a long or complex amount of words that is difficult to say

Examples of Mouthful in a sentence

My friend challenged me to say a tongue twister three times fast, but it was such a mouthful that I couldn’t manage it.  🔊

Some people have such a mouthful to say that they trip over their own words before they can get them out in a coherent sentence.  🔊

The President of the student council had a real mouthful to say at her election, but I suppose she had to win us over somehow.  🔊

The conclusion of Jeffrey’s speech was a real mouthful, droning on for so long that it put most of the class to sleep.  🔊

My mother had a real mouthful to say to me when she found out I didn’t do my chores while she was out in town.  🔊

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