Connoisseur in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Connoisseur

an expert on a particular subject

Examples of Connoisseur in a sentence

Because the psychologist talks to many individuals, she considers herself to be a connoisseur of people and their relationships. 🔊

The head chef at the popular seafood restaurant is viewed as a lobster connoisseur.  🔊

If you are a beer connoisseur, you will enjoy a tour of our local brewery. 🔊

Louis is a connoisseur of fine art and rarely misses an exhibit at the art museum.  🔊

Since you are a wine connoisseur, I thought I would ask your opinion on the best wines for my dinner party.  🔊

A true coffee connoisseur never drinks instant coffee.  🔊

Before my sister got married and had children, she was known as the party connoisseur who never missed a night out with the girls.  🔊

The editor of the “Restaurant Review” is looking for a connoisseur of food to employ as a staff writer.  🔊

According to the local whiskey connoisseur, the bottle of whiskey in your cabinet is worth over two thousand dollars.  🔊

Because Jared owns eight motorcycles, many people consider him to be a bike connoisseur.  🔊

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