Contrastingly in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Contrastingly

at odds with something or the polar opposite of it

Examples of Contrastingly in a sentence

The two friends are so contrastingly different that it is a real surprise that they get along at all, though they do say that opposites attract.  🔊

People often consider fire and water to be the two most contrastingly different elements in the world, at least as far as the old idea of a mere four elements is concerned.  🔊

The eastern and western hemispheres of the world are so contrastingly different, yet you will still find a very similar society on both sides of the world in some regard.  🔊

Ironically, it is the people who are so contrastingly different that often make the best of friends.  🔊

You will find the most contrastingly different people around the world, with different ideals and tastes, yet they will all be similar in some way.  🔊

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