Discrete in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Discrete

separate; distinct; individual

Examples of Discrete in a sentence

Brown and white rice are two discrete varieties. 🔊

Though the average person might just call them red, both amber and burgundy are discrete colors.  🔊

Though they are both citrus, lemons and limes are two discrete fruits. 🔊

She appeared to be wearing a dress, but her shirt and skirt were actually two discrete articles of clothing.  🔊

A watch is made up of many discrete gears.  🔊

The alternator, valves, air intake, and oil filter are all discrete parts of a car.  🔊

The SEALS are a discrete group of the Navy.  🔊

Each snowflake has a discrete look.  🔊

The ink cartridge is a discrete part of the pen.  🔊

At the subatomic level, all objects are made of discrete molecules.  🔊

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