Craving in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Craving

an intense, almost irresistible urge for something.

Examples of Craving in a sentence

After a long day at work, John had a craving for a cold beer.  🔊

Samantha couldn't help but indulge in her craving for chocolate cake after dinner.  🔊

The pregnant woman had a constant craving for pickles and ice cream.  🔊

When I saw the pizza, I immediately felt a strong craving for a slice.  🔊

Maria often had cravings for spicy food, especially during her menstrual cycle.  🔊

The dieter struggled to resist her cravings for junk food.  🔊

Alex's craving for adventure led him to quit his job and travel the world.  🔊

The recovering addict struggled with intense cravings for drugs and alcohol.  🔊

The warm weather made everyone crave a refreshing ice cream cone.  🔊

After years of denying himself sweets, the man finally gave in to his craving for chocolate.  🔊

After days of eating healthy, Mary was suddenly overcome with a craving for a greasy slice of pizza.  🔊

Despite his best efforts, Tom couldn't shake the craving for chocolate that had been plaguing him all day.  🔊

Sarah's pregnancy cravings were so strong that she found herself eating strange combinations of foods.  🔊

Emily couldn't understand why she was suddenly craving vegetables, as she normally preferred sweet snacks.  🔊

John had been trying to quit smoking for weeks, but the craving for a cigarette was still strong.  🔊

After years of being a vegetarian, Lucy found herself craving the taste of meat.  🔊

The craving for adventure and excitement had been growing inside of David for months, and he knew he needed a change.  🔊

Despite her efforts to eat healthily, Samantha found herself constantly craving junk food.  🔊

Emily's sudden craving for spicy food took her by surprise, as she usually preferred mild flavors.  🔊

John knew that his craving for alcohol was becoming a problem, but he couldn't seem to stop himself from drinking.  🔊

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