Debrief in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Debrief

to ask questions in order to extract evidence

Examples of Debrief in a sentence

When the fight ended at school, the principal needed to debrief each eyewitness to get an idea of which student started the fight.  🔊

In the courtroom, the prosecutor would debrief each witness on the stand in order to get their information stated about the defendant’s whereabouts in front of the jury.  🔊

The sergeant on the active battlefield would debrief the colonel of the army every ten minutes regarding their results of their strategy.  🔊

Once the hostage taker released his first hostage, the police force would debrief her for a long period of time in order to determine the weapons the hostage taker had and his demeanor.  🔊

Many news reporters would debrief the person they will be interviewing on camera so that both parties know what will be said when they are on live television.  🔊

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