Omniscient in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Omniscient

having total knowledge; all-knowing

Examples of Omniscient in a sentence

Melanie felt that it was important to know what every character was thinking, so she wrote her novel from an omniscient point of view. 🔊

He thinks he knows what is best for everybody, but as far I know he is not omniscient. 🔊

Without an omniscient narrator, the reader is intentionally left in the dark about the motivation of the antagonist until the very end of the story. 🔊

If the house had a brain, it would be omniscient because of all the cameras and communication devices in all the rooms. 🔊

If he were really as omniscient as he thinks he is, he would know that he needs to adopt a little humility. 🔊

Orwell’s disturbing novel, 1984, featured an omniscient government known as Big Brother who kept an eye on all the citizens of a dysfunctional country. 🔊

Unless you are omniscient, you can’t possibly predict what type of technology we’ll be relying on in twenty years. 🔊

She claims to have psychic abilities, but she never said she was omniscient. 🔊

If world leaders had the capability to be omniscient, there would probably be an end to all war. 🔊

If you were really omniscient, you wouldn’t have forgotten my birthday, and you would have brought me a sapphire necklace. 🔊

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