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Definition of Astute

marked by practical hardheaded intelligence

Examples of Astute in a sentence

Astute and perceptive, the chess player seemed to always know what move his opponent would make next.  🔊

Not very astute of you running around with a sharp knife.  🔊

The astute businessman was able to quickly assess the market and make the best buying decision.  🔊

Because of his astute nature, it is very hard to trick the politician with any gimmick.  🔊

An astute observation is thought-provoking, unlike an asinine observance.  🔊

The kid who could program Websites was more astute than the kid who always picked his nose.  🔊

The astute worker used her meeting with her boss as an opportunity to ask for a promotion.  🔊

Both of the tricksters were astute and could easily select a mark that would fall for their scam.  🔊

Holding onto a great idea for ages, the astute man finally submitted his inventive concept that may revolutionize how we strap on our seat belts.  🔊

The astute businessman went from rags to riches with one great idea.  🔊

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