Debutante in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Debutante

a young upper-class woman who makes her first formal appearance in society

Examples of Debutante in a sentence

The debutante teenager spent an enormous amount of money on a dress that she planned to wear only one time.  🔊

Jessica entered the debutante program that trains upper-class young ladies who intend to make it in the fashion industry.  🔊

Cathy’s wealthy parents drove her to the debutante ball where they expected her to be introduced to an eligible young bachelor.  🔊

A primly dressed young man led the debutante on to the stage where she performed in a very graceful manner, considering that it was her very first appearance.  🔊

The Southern debutante dressed in a most exquisite manner, convinced that she was at the start of a very famous career.  🔊

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