Defamatory in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Defamatory

something that is damaging to one’s reputation

Examples of Defamatory in a sentence

The politician’s defamatory comments were untrue but still ruined his opponent’s standing in the community. đź”Š

Gretchen threatened to sue the author over the slanderous and defamatory comments she made about Gretchen. đź”Š

Although the tabloid’s comments were defamatory, the celebrity tried to ignore the damage the sleazy stories were doing to his reputation. đź”Š

A defamatory allegation was issued against the reviewer after she continued to write negative blogs about the company.  đź”Š

The judge threw the defamatory claim out of court since there was no evidence that the accused did any damage to the plaintiff’s reputation.  đź”Š

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