Vengeful in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Vengeful

someone who is consumed by or actively seeking revenge for a wrong doing

Examples of Vengeful in a sentence

The Count of Monte Cristo follows a vengeful Edmond Dantes on his quest to destroy the lives of those who had him falsely imprisoned.  🔊

She didn't mean to be vengeful, but after the pain he'd caused her she felt entitled to revenge.  🔊

The vengeful ghost finally got her revenge when she drove her assailant insane and he had to be committed.  🔊

Guy Fawkes Day commemorates the day when a group of vengeful vigilantes were thwarted in their plot to blow up the Parliament building in England.  🔊

Many comic book villains are consumed by a vengeful quest to annihilate all those who have wronged them.  🔊

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