Denunciation in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Denunciation

an announcement or statement that is shared openly to criticize a thing or a person

Examples of Denunciation in a sentence

When the teacher made a denunciation of the school superintendent, she was quickly fired.  🔊

The minister’s denunciation of his ex-wife during the service came as a surprise to his congregation.  🔊

The cruel warden ignored his assistant when he made a denunciation about the mistreatment of the prisoners.  🔊

Because the director made a controversial film, he expected a denunciation of his work from the critics.  🔊

The liberal newspaper editor used his column to make a denunciation of the president’s unusual budget proposal.  🔊

After the CEO expressed his denunciation on the state of the corporate world, he resigned from his position.  🔊

The jury’s verdict of innocence resulted in a furious denunciation from the victim’s family.  🔊

Before the terrorist attack, the rebel leader used the Internet to state his denunciation of his enemies.  🔊

The politician’s denunciation of low-income families did not win him any votes during the election.  🔊

During the press conference, the civil rights leader made a denunciation about brutal police tactics.  🔊

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