Inveigh in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Inveigh

to criticize someone or something very strongly

Examples of Inveigh in a sentence

Because one politician chose to inveigh on the subject of immigration for an hour, the debate went on all afternoon.  🔊

No matter how angry I get, I will not inveigh my feelings using social media.  🔊

The entire purpose of the article was to inveigh on the topic of gun control.  🔊

Too often, bloggers inveigh on political topics when they know very little about politics.  🔊

There is nothing worse than a person who thinks his only purpose at a party is to inveigh on every person he dislikes.  🔊

Although I did not like the movie, I did not dislike it so much that I will make the time to inveigh about the film online.  🔊

There are not enough words for me to inveigh how angry I am right now!  🔊

During the trial, the prosecutor took every opportunity to inveigh his feelings about the defendant.  🔊

When approached by the reporter, it was not difficult at all for the victim’s mother to inveigh her thoughts on her daughter’s attacker.  🔊

If you make the decision to inveigh your employer’s name in the office, you should expect to be fired within a short period of time.  🔊

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