Indict in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Indict

to formally charge someone with a serious crime

Examples of Indict in a sentence

The district attorney decided to indict the suspect for the murder, charging him only after his bloody fingerprints were found at the crime scene. 🔊

Because there is no proof that the accused rapist actually committed the assault, the grand jury decided not to indict him and let him go free officially. 🔊

A list of all of those being charged with crimes was released to police who in turn picked up all the criminals the court chose to indict one by one. 🔊

The violent drug dealer threatened the informant into silence so that the feds couldn’t indict him for distribution of narcotics.  🔊

Officials believed that they had enough evidence to indict Casey Anthony for aggravated child abuse, but she was acquitted during the trial.  🔊

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