Deviate in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Deviate

to move away from the norm

Examples of Deviate in a sentence

1. If we deviate from the directions we were given, we will probably get lost. 🔉

2. Fans of the book were not pleased when the screenwriter chose to deviate the movie script from the plot of the novel. 🔉

3. When Hank made the decision to deviate from the tax laws, he soon found himself on the wrong end of an audit. 🔉

4. The author lost a large number of fans when he decided to deviate from his normal writing style. 🔉

5. When Carol’s husband elects to deviate from his routine of coming home right after work, Carol accuses him of being unfaithful. 🔉

6. The cake was not tasty because I chose to deviate from the usual recipe by adding extra ingredients. 🔉

7. As soon as the publicist saw her client was about to deviate from his prepared speech, she rushed to the microphone to silence him. 🔉

8. In light of the special circumstances of the murder, the judge’s sentencing will probably deviate from the prosecutor’s suggestion. 🔉

9. Because of the tight budget, we have no room to deviate from our approved shopping expenses. 🔉

10. Since Jim chose to deviate from the building instructions, his birdhouse quickly collapsed.  🔉

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