Discordant in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Discordant

harsh or unpleasant in sound

Examples of Discordant in a sentence

The frightened cat gave a discordant shriek and jumped on top of the table. 🔊

Without proper guidance, the band produces discordant music that no one wants to hear.  🔊

Although Janice has been taking singing lessons for over a year, she still sounds discordant every time she performs. 🔊

The discordant sound of the teacher’s high-pitched voice silenced the class.  🔊

In the middle of the song, the tuba player struck a discordant note and ruined the entire piece.  🔊

Because the piano has not been tuned in a while, it makes a discordant noise when it is played.  🔊

As soon as I heard the loud discordant voices, I knew my parents were arguing again.  🔊

If you have never been to a heavy metal concert, you should prepare yourself for the discordant sounds.  🔊

When the baby does not get his way, he is prone to screaming in a discordant manner.  🔊

Janet bought earplugs to block out the discordant noise that came from her neighbor’s house.  🔊

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