Dismay in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Dismay

the emotion felt by a person who is saddened, worried, or disappointed

Examples of Dismay in a sentence

To the children’s dismay, there was not enough snow in the yard to build a snowman. 🔊

I felt a great deal of dismay when the author killed off my favorite character. 🔊

When the actor killed himself, he left many fans paralyzed with dismay. 🔊

The broken car window was cause for dismay. 🔊

To the dismay of the police, the bank robbers were able to escape. 🔊

We expressed anger and dismay when we arrived at the hotel after midnight and learned our hotel room had been given to another family. 🔊

To the dismay of the teenagers, all of the concert tickets had been sold. 🔊

Jim did not express any dismay when his wife’s killer was executed. 🔊

To my dismay, I see the squirrels have decided to feast upon my garden. 🔊

Erica watched in dismay as her husband’s coffin was lowered into the ground. 🔊

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