Circuitous in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Circuitous

not said or done simply or clearly

Examples of Circuitous in a sentence

While John said his directions would get us home quickly, his route actually took us on a more circuitous path that led us miles out of the way.  🔊

My boss asked me to simplify the circuitous language for the average reader.  🔊

Because the bookshelf came with circuitous instructions, I was unable to put it together properly.  🔊

Some of the younger children got confused by the circuitous design of the maze and began to cry for their parents.  🔊

After we hiked through the circuitous trail, we were so exhausted we collapsed on the front porch of the cabin.  🔊

The salesman’s circuitous demonstration of the product left the potential customers with many unanswered questions.  🔊

While my instructor is an expert in the subject he teaches, he often speaks in such a circuitous manner that I find it difficult to understand any of his lessons.  🔊

The regulations for the president’s new healthcare plans are so circuitous that many of us are seeking alternative policies.  🔊

When I lost the directions to the restaurant, I ended up taking a circuitous route that made me late for my own birthday party.  🔊

Because the spy did not want to give away the location of his headquarters, he always took a long and circuitous route to his office.  🔊

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