Forlorn in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Forlorn

lonely and miserable

Examples of Forlorn in a sentence

The forlorn man was so sad he thought about killing himself. 🔊

When we visit the nursing home, we try to spend extra time with all of the forlorn senior citizens. 🔊

The forlorn widow was so unhappy she stopped eating. 🔊

Since Jake works so much, he does not realize his wife is forlorn because she rarely gets to spend time with him. 🔊

The forlorn dog has been inconsolable since his master died. 🔊

At the school dance, the shy girl stood in the corner and looked forlorn. 🔊

Jake was forlorn after his girlfriend moved out without any warning. 🔊

At the bus stop, the anxious little girl cast a forlorn look at her father before stepping on the school bus for the first time. 🔊

The new girl was forlorn as she sat alone in the cafeteria. 🔊

Since Anne was grounded, she felt forlorn without the company of her friends. 🔊

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