Disparage in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Disparage

to express a negative opinion; belittle

Examples of Disparage in a sentence

It is never right to disparage people based on ethnicity.  🔊

You disparage my brother by saying he is worthless?  🔊

I cannot believe that you belittle and disparage people who have little in common with you.  🔊

Spreading false rumors about Judy will unfairly disparage her reputation.  🔊

He had some nerve to disparage the conservative way I dress at the beach.  🔊

As a middle school teacher, I witness students verbally disparage each other on a daily basis.  🔊

Lying is one surefire way to disparage your image.  🔊

Disparage my character, and I'll pick at your flaws.  🔊

What I never understand is why politicians disparage their opponents.  🔊

Do not disparage your mother for making you do the chores.  🔊

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