Impart in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Impart

to distribute a portion of something

Examples of Impart in a sentence

A teacher’s job is to impart knowledge to her students. 🔊

By adding garlic to the spaghetti, the cook hopes to impart flavor to the dish. 🔊

Please sit down because the news I am about to impart to you is not pleasant. 🔊

Before the current president leaves his position, he will impart many important facts to his successor. 🔊

The missionary’s job is to impart the word of Christ to others. 🔊

Through the activity, the mother hoped to impart her country’s cultural history to her children. 🔊

The stain will impart a beautiful brown color to the unfinished wood. 🔊

With a few dashes of cumin and cinnamon, the baker will impart mouthwatering flavors to the pie. 🔊

The genie will impart three wishes to the one who brings him forth from the bottle. 🔊

As your only married friend, I must impart some advice about your upcoming wedding. 🔊

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