Permit in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Permit

to give authorization to do something

Examples of Permit in a sentence

My mother, in all of her graciousness, has decided to permit me to go to the party with my friends, even though my dad does not think I should. 🔊

Sometimes I permit my dog to sit on the couch, but only when he has been especially well behaved and hasn’t chewed on any shoes. 🔊

If you permit your friend to do something harmful instead of forcefully stopping them, what they suffer will be on your hands. 🔊

I will not permit my students to skip class or their homework, because I value their success and I know that both are important to that.  🔊

A good enforcer of the law will not permit anyone to speed at anything other than ten miles above the speed limit, and that’s being generous.  🔊

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