Disperse in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Disperse

to spread out

Examples of Disperse in a sentence

1. As soon as the last bell rings, students disperse out of the building and head to their buses. 🔉

2. Remember to only spray a little perfume or the fragrance will disperse throughout the house and irritate my sinuses. 🔉

3. During the riot, the police tried to disperse the large crowd. 🔉

4. The teachers stand in the hall during class changes to help disperse the traffic.  🔉

5. Since I wanted to disperse the seasonings throughout the pot, I stirred the soup for approximately two minutes.  🔉

6. The rowdy group of teenagers began to disperse when they heard the police sirens. 🔉

7. When Jim dropped the container, the chemical fumes began to disperse throughout the office. 🔉

8. The company broke the law when it decided to disperse its hazardous waste into the ocean. 🔉

9. Because the protestors did not have a permit and refused to disperse, they were arrested. 🔉

10. It took a long time for the talkative teenagers to disperse and go home after the concert. 🔉

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