Overthrow in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Overthrow

a removal of a figure or establishment from power

Examples of Overthrow in a sentence

1. In order to overthrow someone in a position of authority, you will need enough power or support to remove them from power. 🔉

2. An overthrow of government can only be carried out by rebels with enough military strength to defeat the government army. 🔉

3. Jealous of her popularity, Laura wanted to overthrow Sarah as the most popular girl in school and take her place for herself. 🔉

4. The overthrow of the Czars and the rise of the Soviet Union in Russia was caused by the disgruntled and starving people of the nation. 🔉

5. It is my goal to overthrow everyone at the arcade, defeating them all and stealing their number one spot on the scoreboards for every game. 🔉

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