Domino theory in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Domino theory

the idea that success or failure is interconnected by region so that if one nation falls, surrounding nations will too

Examples of Domino theory in a sentence

During the Cold War, world leaders feared that much of Europe would become communist because according to domino theory, if one country fell to Russian power, all surrounding areas would too.  🔊

Domino theory suggests that if one powerful country falls, its neighboring allies will collapse as well.  🔊

The domino theory comes into effect when the economy in a major country collapses and everyone who trades with the country falls into economic decline.  🔊

As Nazis rose in power, the domino theory came into effect and when one nation was conquered, the surrounding nations soon came under Nazi rule.  🔊

Napoleon success was largely due to the effects of the domino theory, which holds that once the stronghold is defeated, smaller countries will fall like chain reaction.  🔊

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