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Definition of Entity

something that exists independently

Examples of Entity in a sentence

Just because they are twins does not mean they are the same entity.  🔊

Wanting to build his own entity, the man left his job and started his own company.  🔊

The scientist discovered an otherwise unknown entity and looked to determine its origin.  🔊

Society is often considered to be one large entity, but really it is composed of many individual parts.  🔊

The starship captain was on a journey to discover the origin of this strange alien entity.  🔊

The plot of the science fiction movie revolved around a space-dwelling entity that invaded earth.  🔊

Each of his businesses was a separate entity, which made his taxes difficult to file.  🔊

Each of the branches of the federal government - executive, legislative, and judicial - is a separate entity.  🔊

The SWAT team operates as a special entity within the local police.  🔊

Each part of the company is its own separate entity, allowing it to function more smoothly.  🔊

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