Drudgery in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Drudgery

exhausting work normally performed by a lower class worker

Examples of Drudgery in a sentence

The snobbish heiress believed only servants should perform drudgery.  🔊

Because I hate the drudgery of yard work, I have a company that comes in every other week and mows my lawn.  🔊

The janitor normally ended his workday of drudgery by cleaning the toilets.  🔊

By precooking many food items, the microwave takes a lot of the drudgery out of cooking.  🔊

Jane cannot lose weight because she will not endure the drudgery of exercise.  🔊

To me, my summer job at a fast food restaurant was sheer drudgery.  🔊

Because Janet felt the drudgery of housework was too much for her, she decided to hire a housekeeper.  🔊

Mitchell hated the drudgery of his ditch-digging job.  🔊

For many people in third world countries, life has nothing to offer but years of drudgery.  🔊

The spoiled billionaire found his community service work to be absolute drudgery.  🔊

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