Purview in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Purview

area of authority or control

Examples of Purview in a sentence

The accountant’s purview includes any of the company’s financial matters. 🔊

Since Rick is only a writer and not the magazine editor, his purview is only the content he produces. 🔊

The general does not have purview over those who are not under his military command. 🔊

Under the treaty, the island was given purview to self-govern itself. 🔊

The police officer’s purview is limited to the city in which he works. 🔊

Now that I am an adult, I wish my parents would learn my life is beyond their purview. 🔊

To ensure peace is maintained throughout the country, the justice department’s purview must include a national team of law enforcement officers. 🔊

Because of technological advances, anyone can have purview of the media by sharing news online. 🔊

As a school bus driver, Gail has purview over the safety of hundreds of children each day. 🔊

Since Jim is not a doctor, it is not in his purview to diagnose your illness. 🔊

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